Build Your Dreamhouse for a Song






"Dear Mr Cook, Thank you for writing the book "Build Your Dream House For a Song".

With the help of your techniques and sweat equity, we are living in our dream home

and not affected by the recent housing market crisis." —The Yang Family, California

The American Dream is still Alive. You can still own your home and be mortgage free. If you don't mind some hard work and out of the box thinking.



Build Your Dream House for a Song
is a different breed of self-help book. Instead of step-by-step instructions, it offers an extraordinary strategy for building the house you've always wanted—whether it's a timber-frame retreat or a California contemporary. The author explains numerous tactics for saving tens of thousands, including how you can:
  • Buy land for twenty percent of its retail value at tax-defaulted land sales,
  • Buy building materials at auctions for next to nothing,
  • Design your house for ease of construction,
  • Avoid paying rent while you build, and
  • Get the best help for the least money.

The author's hard-earned insights could change the life of anyone who has ever yearned to live in a beautiful house—without a mortgage.

Build Your Dream House for a Song is only $24.95.

Click here to order it now and take the first step towards owning your own home free and clear in five years!

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